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Writing & TranslationLegal Writing I Will Assist In Legal Research, Case Briefs, Law Tasks And Legal Memo

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I’m a Legal Writer having over 10 years  of experience in legal writing having worked at various Legal Firms. I will write any of the following legal documents depending on what you need me to write:

  • independent contractors agreement
  • memorandum of agreement
  • real estate purchase agreement
  • sales agreement
  • purchase agreement
  • non- disclosure agreement
  • employment contract
  • lease agreement
  • shareholders agreement
  • investment contract
  • partnership agreement
  • legal letters
  • Employee promotion and increment letter.
  •  Employee exit documents
  • website terms and conditions
  • website privacy policy.
    • website refund policy
  •  Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Trademark Assignment Deed.
  •  Takeover or Sale of Business.
  •  MOU
  •  Affidavit.
  •  General Power of Attorney
  •  Specific Power of Attorney.
  •  Social Media Policy for Employees.
  •  Freelance Agreement.
  •  Work Space Sharing Agreement.

Franchise Agreement.
Software License Agreement.
Rent Agreement.
Partnership Agreement
and many more.
Based on my in-depth experience, a trial will definitely convince you. Looking forward to working for you.
So please, kindly feel free to contact me for any above-listed services as your optimum satisfaction is my goal.


I have 10+ years of experience as a professional with a background in education, library services, and nonprofit management. Since joining Fiverr, I have worked with many clients worldwide. I am not only connecting with wonderful people but am doing what I enjoy most – helping them express their wonderful thoughts, ideas, missions, and visions in ways that will help them fulfill their dreams.