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A seasoned legal practitioner with extensive knowledge of the Nigeria legal system. I practice in both civil and criminal aspects of law, I’ve experiences in…

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11+ years rich experience in legal domain, such as, Contract Management, Drafting/Vetting of Contracts/MOUs/Notices/ Replies/Court Cases/Police Complaints, Liaisoning, Compliance Management, Litigation, NCLT, Legal Recovery/Recovery Suits,…

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Contracts + Intellectual Property + A host of other contracts. Do you need to negotiate contracts with potential customers and clients? Do you want to…

Solicitor and Consultant
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I am a Solicitor by profession, currently non practising and have had a successful career for over 11 years. I am well versed in GDPR,…

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Looking for a professional advice on e-commerce matters or written e-commerce compliance pages such as a Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions / Terms of…

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I am a self-motivated and ambitious attorney-at-law who has developed a responsible and mature approach to any task I undertake or any situation I am…

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Trial lawyer and contract drafting specialist. Extensive experience in civil and commercial law, specifically design, fashion, construction and architectural law. Bespoke contracts and legal opinions…

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I'm looking for a legal professional for a quick job reviewing an Amazon listing we have to see if it conflicts with a registered trademark.

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ONLY ITALIAN LANGUAGE: Abbiamo bisogno di contenuti in lingua Italiana per articoli e posts su siti web e blogs. Gli argomenti trattati sono molto diversi tra loro. In generale si…

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